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The richness and diversity of Brazilian
flora and fauna are astounding,
and the country ranks first in the world
for its variety of primate, amphibian
and plant species;
third for bird species and
fourth for butterfly and reptile species.

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The toucan is the Brazilian symbol.
There are four species in Iguaçu park.Their long beaks are
deceptive, being actually so light
and spongy that the birds are
back heavy and therefore,
clumsy flyers.
The toucans eat fruit, eggs,
chicks and leaves
of the amba tree.
In Iguaçu Park you'll see many other colourful birds:parrots, woodpeckers, parakeets, ,hummingbirds
as well as lizards, racoons,
caiman and armadillos.
Large animals are not very
and tend to be nocturnal.
You'll see fantastic butterflies :
they congregate about pools of urineand on sweaty handrails to sip salts.



the foliage is lush and lovely..
the colours bright. 
2000 species of plants stacked
in six different layers,
from forest-floor grasses, ferns and bushes
to low, middle and high tree canopies 

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